Slider is engaged in the production of flexible package for packing liquid, bulk and spreadable products.

The unit was formed thanks to the vertical development of JOYCO, the leader on the market of contract packing for leading manufacturers of the FMCG category with the purpose to provide production with packing materials. The production capacities are completed with the cutting-edge equipment, which is capable to produce a wide range of packing materials.

For the time of Company’s work over 300 enterprises in all regions of Latvia became our partners, inter alia, global leaders engaged in the production of consumer goods.
The Company has gained reputation of a reliable and competent partner.
The quality of the manufactured products complies with the core Latvia and European standards and satisfies the highest demands of consumers.
The Company on a regular basis diversifies the manufacturing range, by catering to the needs of clients.


We regard our clients as our partners, and with full responsibility work for the achievement of results as part of the client’s team.


We help to find a unique solution for the goods packaging by using our experience for the maximum success of our client.


Is the confirmed trust of our clients. We are not looking for short-term advantages and offer reliable partnership. Exactly therefore over 80% of the production output is ensured by key clients.


Focus on innovation, unceasing improvement of the goods quality and inoculation of technological innovations.

For more detailed information of pre-made services, please contact our specialists.

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Afigured package is an innovative solution, thanks to which a universal package, such as Stand Up pouch and Sachet, become yet more effective to represent the product at a shop window or on a food shelf. 
An opportunity to highlight the brand trade dress and intensify an advertising campaign. Enhancement of attention to Your product is guaranteed. Read more
Astand up pouch is a modern universal packing solution for the most diverse food and non-food products. The package advantages are obvious: light, durability, practicality, major space for bright printing etc. 
Many global manufacturers frequently opt for flexible packaging in such commodity categories as: dairy products, confectionaries, food additives, healthcare products, alcoholic products, pet food, sauces, seasoning, coffee, tea, nuts, beans, sugar, flour, garden fertilisers , household chemicals, detergent agents, liquid soap, creams, laundry detergents, engine oils, abrasive liquids and many other things. Read more
Aflat format of a flexible package can have three or four seams along the perimeter. The package properties are very similar to a Stand Up pouch, except stability. 
Premade Company can manufacturer figured sachet, which can significantly distinguish your commodity amongst others, flesh out the package design with a silhouette. Read more
Dispensers are ideal for packing spreadable and liquid products into a flexible package. Typically they are used for packing and filling of: mayonnaises, sauces, dairy products etc. 
A possibility to close the cap air-tight enables to extend the product shelf life and preserve its properties. User-friendly. Placement of dispensers is possible both on the side face and atop or on the bottom of the pouch. Read more
Aflexible pack is ideal for infant food thanks to a large cap and the system, which does not interfere with the product feed into the dispenser when squeezed. Thanks to a large size the cap cannot be accidentally swallowed by little kids, also strong squeezing does not disturb food intake. Read more

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About us

Joy-Co is specialized in the production of ingredients for dairy products, ice cream and confectionery. All ingredients can be used as add-ins for the main product, as decoration, and also can be packed in an extra double cup compartment, or packed into a topper. Another area of our activity is contract production, which allows our customers to produce goods under their own brand without in-house production costs or investments in equipment purchase and maintain. 

Our company has it all: high-quality raw materials base, sophisticated technologies, modern equipment and a team of professionals who will develop and produce an unique product for you.

The company is engaged in the contract manufacturing of various biscuits and small size tablets (from 5 mm), which can be used both as an independent product and as an ingredient for the dairy and confectionery industry, ice cream production and HoReCa segment.

Due to its technical base and team of professionals, Joy-Co successfully localizes production for the world's largest food producers.

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